Conference Themes

Language Studies: Reality, challenges, solutions and prospective

  • Arabic language: Role, status, and relationship to other languages
  • Arabic Language & Contemporary Sciences

* Phonetic and phonology

  • Semantics
  • Syntactic and morphological studies
  • Translation
  • Language conflict
  • teaching foreign languages
  • Curriculum
  • Linguistics
  • Applied Linguistics

* Language Conflict & Coexistence

  1. Literary Studies: Reality, challenges, prospective and solution
  • Quranic rhetorical studies
  • Islamic literature
  • Critical and comparative studies
  • Discourse analysis
  • Curriculum and criticism theories
  • Literary Arts (story, a novel, a play, an article …. etc.)
  • Impact and influence between world literatures
  1. Modern technology employment in linguistic and literary studies
  • Modern technology
  • How to take advantage of modern technology
  • The impact of modern technology in the curricula and courses descriptions
  • The role of scientific advances in linguistic and literary studies
  • Technology and teaching of languages.